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Five Essential Pieces of Camping Gear All Campers Need

Whenever a person goes camping they know they need quite a bit of camping gear to take with them on their camping trip. They also know to pack things like soap that is biodegradable, trash bags, lighter fluid, matches and tons of other common items. However, there are some things that they may accidentally forget or not have a good quality one and if that is the case, this can make for a rough camping trip.

The first piece of camping gear that is essential is a tent. Most people won't forget to bring this but what they do fail to do is make sure that their tent is a reliable tent. It is important that the tent a camper has is a quality one that is made of extremely strong fabric and will protect the camper against thunderstorms, snowstorms or any other kind of severe weather conditions they might run into.

The tent also needs to be the right size. For instance if a person is going on a family camping trip then they are going to need a very large tent if they plan on sharing the same tent. There should be around 30 square feet of space on the floor of the tent for each person staying in the tent. This means that there may be a need for more than one tent if the family is large. If it's just going to be with one other person you can probably get away with about 18 square feet per person.

A sharp knife is an item that often gets forgotten when packing for a camping trip. A good camping or hunting knife is very important because it can be used to help build a campfire, help to prepare food during the rip, cut cords and take care of numerous other things that might need a sharp blade. The multi-purpose type knives are a great item for the regular camper. However, you should never buy a cheap one because it won't be very good for any precision type task.

It is important to look for a high quality knife that is made especially for camping and hunting.

One of the most common items of camping gear that gets left behind is an ax. Sure a knife is a great thing to have but it can't take care of everything. A good quality ax can help cut the firewood needed for a campfire or it can clear away overgrown brush if a person wants to go hiking. It can also be used like a hammer by using the blunt side of it.

All campers need to get around in the dark so it is very important that there is at least one very good heavy duty flashlight included with the camping gear. Those small pen lights are simply not going to work. A really good quality heavy duty flashlight or even a headlamp is going to be much better. Extra batteries are a must here as well. One of the best you can get is an LED light, these have long lasting batteries that can last up to 30 hours before they need a charge and they give off great illumination.

Finally, this is probably something that most campers never think of including in their camping gear and that would be a hand held emergency generator. It seems these days campers don't forget to bring their smartphones or other tech gadgets with them on their camping trips however they last only so long, 4 to 12 hours depending upon how much they are used. This is why a hand held generator will come in handy. These are hand cranked generators but will serve the purpose of recharging any phones or other items brought on the trip. However, nothing is going to give you the power you need to be browsing the Internet. Some of them however do have built in radios, solar panels and even flashlights.

One important thing to remember whenever going camping, the campsite or camping area you'll be camping at will need to be taken into consideration when buying and packing up your gear. If it's in the Everglades for example you are going to need an entirely different set of camping tools than if you were camping somewhere out in the desert somewhere.

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